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[Condor-users] about scheduler advertisement


I have read the condor manual and found that we can actually advertise the
startd class-ad file for matchmaking in condor-g. For the similar idea,
actually I think we can advertise scheduler class-ad file either, right?

I have tried once, but seems that the collector in the remote machine
ignore my advertisement.
here is my file:

MyType = "Scheduler"
TargetType = ""
Machine = "pc-0242.eee.hku.hk"
ScheddIpAddr = "<>"
MyAddress = "<>"
Name = "pc-0242.eee.hku.hk"
WantResAd = TRUE
UpdateSequenceNumber = 2

anything wrong with this file? and what should I do if I want to do the
advertisement of scheduler?

Thanks very much for any suggestions.