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Re: [Condor-users] how can a condor job connect on a Map network drive for windows platform?

when the condor program runs on windows it makes a condor user automatically...then erases teh user when it is done.
Therefore, a solution is to have condor execute a bat script as the executable...and in that bat script you mount the drive.
downside is that a username and password are revealed to anyone who can read the .bat file


ramzi khaskhoussi wrote:

Hi all,

I have shared some directories to all my windows machine pool by using
the Map network drive( X: ).

when I use this directories without condor all things work fine.

But the problem is : when I submit a job  that use  this map network
drive ( for example to tar a file.tar.gz that exists in the network
drive x:)  there is a problem. condor can't access to this network
drive X:
I get this error in the .err file:

tar (child): /cygdrive/x/gz/apa_comp_pro64.tar.gz: Cannot open: No
such file or directory.

I ask if someone can help me?

thanks ,
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