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Re: [Condor-users] Help on setting up the Condor-G

On Jul 18, 2005, at 1:58 AM, konnipati murali wrote:

            I configured a grid test bed using four
systems(SGI ALTIX, SGI Octane and two Linux PCS). Now
i want to use, Condor-G2 for job management purposes.
I am getting some problems in understanding the
installation procedure. In this, i want to use SGI
ALTIX as a job submission node & central manager. and
other machines as execution nodes.

Can any body help in that, in what way i should
install Condor..that means..should i need to install
Condor as a root on all the systems(including SGI

          can i install Condor as a norwal user on
execution nodes..?

      When i should install the
globus-gram-jobmanager-condor package...?

What is your goal with these machines? If what you're looking for is software to manage jobs on these 4 machines, you probably want to set up a regular Condor pool (no Condor-G or Globus).

If these machines are the beginnings of a grid (machines spread across many locations, possibly managed by different scheduling software), then you need to look at Condor-G and Globus.


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