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Re: [Condor-users] Condor 6.6.9 on XP machines (with SP 2 installed)

I have also been fighting the windows firewall problem.


Currently the problem is fixed

To be precise, the problem will be fixed in the upcoming 6.6.10 release, which is the current stable series. The fix will also emerge in the current development series, 6.7.9.

We have addressed this problem by extending the retry period that the master will try to set up the firewall. In 6.6.9, it is hard-coded at 5 retries, once per second. In 6.6.10 we have changed this to 60 retries, once every 10 seconds. Also, we allow administrators to adjust this retry period if necessary by setting WINDOWS_FIREWALL_FAILURE_RETRY in the config file. Setting WINDOWS_FIREWALL_FAILURE_RETRY to 0 will cause the master to retry forever.