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RE: [Condor-users] Limitation Condor vs Perl IPC::open3 and open:conclusion

Fyi, all
	it fails too on linux....
	the perl script "stops" right after the "open" command. 

If you come across a solution, pls let me know.
I am starting to look at Java wrapper now...


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| and open:conclusion
| Hello Guys,
| 	I finally got my perl wrapper to start in the condor job
| 	by providing the env var PATH ( tx guys for your help )
| 	Now I was able to trace my perl script and as soon as the
| open/open3
| 	get executed ( which forks itself ), the job exit with status 22
| 	the process gets started, and the rest of the perl 
| script is not executed.
| 	Bottom line: I can't use perl as a job wrapper, at 
| least for windows
| 	I will test it under linux, just to see.
| 	I will have to switch to Java wrapper.
| Again tx all for your help
| Dave.
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