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[Condor-users] GDI|Queue permanent home

Hi All,

I've given GDI|Queue a more permanent home, you can find it
at http://www.cirquedigital.com/products/gdiqueue/. The latest
changes include a number of bug fixes, support for job details
for the live queue, interface to condor_q -analyze, and toggle
to group/ungroup items in the live queue view.

Feel free to share any test results via email (or on the list,
just don't want to overload the list too much), I'm especially
interested in some more testing of Maya on Windows -- I seem
to have some issues with getting Maya 6.0 to start on Windows
(was working before with Maya 5.0, not exactly sure what the deal
is) and testing of the 3dsmax template.

Condor team: if possible, it'd be great to have a link from
the condor/tools page to this location.


- Filip