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Re: [Condor-users] FileSystemDomain Problem

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 14:37, Carson Hung wrote:

In the Vanilla universe, it is neccessary to use a shared file system
(stated in the manual), but why it is neccessary to do so?
you can use transfer file mechanism
Also another question about shared filesystem, if I am using network file
system, I should set the NFS server in the head node, right?
    suppose condor is the base folder in which ur having the release, host and other directories, then this folder should be shared on all the machines. Head node can be any machine you wish.
if so, what folder should I shared out in order for the vanilla jobs to be
run by all the nodes in the clusters?

At the same time, what is the name should I put in FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN?
it be can nisdomain name or dns domainname any one of the two for both FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN and UID_DOMAIN
Sorry for asking stupid questions, but I think this is the things that
newbie like me will make mistake.

Thanks very much for any suggestions.

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