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Re: [Condor-users] FileSystemDomain Problem


First of all, Thanks for your reply.

But I am still not very understand how to do so.

For example, if my release is installed into /opt/condor in the head node,
then do you mean that I should shared this directory to all other nodes.
all other nodes should mount this to their local /opt/condor.

However, in this case. What actually confuse me are 2 things?
1. Where should I install condor in all other nodes? It seems to have
unique settings for every nodes.
2. there is a local execution direction with local configuration, will
this one located in the shared folder or local folder?

Thanks for any suggestion,

> On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 14:37, Carson Hung wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In the Vanilla universe, it is neccessary to use a shared file system
>> (stated in the manual), but why it is neccessary to do so?
>> you can use transfer file mechanism
>> Also another question about shared filesystem, if I am using network
>> file system, I should set the NFS server in the head node, right?
>     suppose condor is the base folder in which ur having the release,
> host and other directories, then this folder should be shared on all the
> machines. Head node can be any machine you wish.
>> if so, what folder should I shared out in order for the vanilla jobs
>> to be run by all the nodes in the clusters?
>> At the same time, what is the name should I put in FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN?
>> it be can nisdomain name or dns domainname any one of the two for both
>> FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN and UID_DOMAIN Sorry for asking stupid questions,
>> but I think this is the things that newbie like me will make mistake.
>> Thanks very much for any suggestions.
>> Carson
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