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Re: [Condor-users] Condor Solaris Installation


On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 01:39:50PM -0500, Horsfield, Peter A wrote:
> I'm just beginning to explore possible uses for Condor but am receiving
> a segmentation fault on our Solaris 8 boxes. condor_version works, but
> condor_master (and many others) do not. No data is written to the logs
> so I assume I have mismatched shared libraries. Is there a shared
> library dependency list for Condor available so I can ensure we have the
> correct versions installed? Alternatively, are there any plans for a
> statically linked version of the Solaris binaries to be provided for
> download?

Do you happen to use LDAP name/passwd/etc resolution with SSL
authentication? This is of the few cases I know of that would cause
this type of general failure of program execution. If you could post a
backtrace of the segfault, that might enlighten me to what's going wrong.

You could do that by running it in gdb, and then typing 'bt' at the
prompt. The executable will be stripped, but I think I'll get back
at least the function names, and that'll probably be good enough to
determine which subsystem is failing.

I would like to explore these things before declaring a problem with
dynamic libraries merely because problems with dynamic libraries
and Condor under Solaris are so rare due to homogeneity of Solaris

> condor_configure threw a warning when it couldn't find the command
> 'host', but otherwise proceeded cleanly. I wasn't installing a central
> manager on this box.

Hmm.... This simply looks like a bug. I wonder if somehow condor_configure
botched creating the config file (due to that error you found) and
that erronous config file tickled some very rare bug in our config file
parsing code...

If I can't see what is obviously wrong from the above stack trace, then
maybe I'll ask you to open a condor-admin ticket so I can see your config
files and other various things about your configuration.


UW Condor