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[Condor-users] CondorWindows - machines dropped from pool

Hi all,

We have Condor 6.6.8 + 6.6.9 installed on ~20 Win XP machines, SP2 installed
but firewall disabled.

Our problem is that we notice that on occasion various machines 'disappear'
from the cluster. A condor_status -direct 'machinename' reports:

condor_status: Can't find address for startd 'machinename'

- which in my experience indicates that the startd is not running on the
machine in question. However, examination of the machine will show that the
startd and the various other daemons are still operational. 

Sometimes the 'missing' machine will re-appear again after a period of time,
othertimes the machine will reappear only after a reboot.

It's probably worth noting that following discussion in previous threads we
have previously added the following line to our config files


I should also mention that this has been an ongoing problem for us, right
from version 6.6.6.

Any thoughts as to a means of remedy ?