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Re: [Condor-users] Job submission - generic user GUI available?

Hi John,

I've made our condor gui available on


Currently also tuned for things like maya/max/xsi,
but have no problem sharing the sources if you'd
like to extend it.

- Filip

> Hello,
> We are setting up a Linux-based Condor server which will utilise Linux
> PC's/clients around our site. However, our site users are mainly MS-
> Windows users. Whilst initially the service will be for the unix/linux
> users, I am wondering how we can provide some form of generic user
> interface for all our users?
> Asking a linux user to create a text file to control their condor job is
> not a problem, but asking them to understand what the file must contain
> (the submit description file) is not going to work too well. They will
> either need to read the Condor users manual or we will have to provide a
> bunch of instructions on what they should put into the file.
> My question is really how do other sites allow users to submit jobs to
> condor? Our condor server does not have any user accounts and there is
> no intention to provide any, so we also need to think about how to get
> the output back to the user. The jobs being submitted could basically be
> anything.
> Is there any sort of GUI available by which a user can submit a simple
> job to condor - e.g. the executable and input/output file names?
> Many thanks,
> John.
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