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Re: [Condor-users] Job submission - generic user GUI available?

I did a WWW based GUI for Condor a while back. It is geared towards
3D animation and 2D compositing applications though. Here is how i approached some of the following...

If used with a single schedd then performance could suffer (see posts passim)
It's not easy to switch to be a different user when actually
submitting a job (though doable but nasty) so no easy per user job

For this i had to use sudo command to allow the web server to execute condor_submit as the intended user. The WWW page gahered the required username and used a cookie to store it...etc.

Also the condor_submit command allows you to specify which schedd to send the request to..so i used this to send the submission request to the users machine.

i suppose i could have used some method to hace theWWW server actually launch condor_submit from the users loccal machine...but i never messed around with any of that..

One problem i had was if a linux machine had to send a job to a windows sched, it would fail...so try putting you www server on a windows based machine if your users are using windows....your file srver can still be linux or whatever though.