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RE: [Condor-users] copying executable on submission

> Is it possible to configure a condor job to copy the executable on 
> submission, to some spool directory or whatever ?
> The reason I ask is the executable I wish to run is actually 
> a script, 
> and when the job finally starts to run, and want the state of 
> the script 
> at the time of submission to be run, not the state at the 
> time the job 
> starts.
> Apologises if this is trivial, but I'm new to condor...
> cheers Chris

You could wrap your submission call in a script such that it copies
the files to a personal spool dir, changes directory to
that directory and then submits the job from there.
You should be able to do this in a generic way such that it
is re-uable.
Remember to clear it up afterwards.

You could also try not changing the script betwen submission and
execution ;-)