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Re: [Condor-users] Heterogeneous Meta scheduling

We are using Condor-G for this purpose at Fermilab. Have a look at http://fermigrid.fnal.gov/globus-gateway.html

To date we have not tried any non-Condor batch systems behind the
gateway but eventually we will add them.

Steve Timm

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005, ben foster wrote:


We are in the process of designing a campus wide grid spanning different
departments. Where each department has their own
scheduler(condor,pbs,SGE) running.  We have also decided
on Globus to provide the grid infrastructure. We are bit fuzzy on the
meta scheduler or hierarchical scheduler which will accept a job
from Globus and hand over to one of the local schedulers. In brief
below is the architecture on table.

			Meta Scheduler (which Meta scheduler can fit here)
	|			  |				  |
	V			  V				  V
       Condor			 SGE				 PBS

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Geri Foster

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