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Re: [Condor-users] Heterogeneous Meta scheduling

Hello Ashiq Anjum 

I am sorry to correct you and I might be wrong, but as far as I know,
Condor-G is not a meta-scheduler.
Condor-G is a submission engine. It is used to submit jobs to any local
scheduler (Condor, PBS, etc..) according to Globus API. Condor-G
actually uses GRAM and extends it with more capabilities (such as
multiple job submission, DAGMAN and more ) to do the actual submission
and job control work.

Meta scheduler are: either CSF, Resource Broker used in LCG or others.

Best Regards,

Gabriel Kliot
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

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> Sent: Monday, October 03, 2005 9:43 PM
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> Subject: RE: [Condor-users] Heterogeneous Meta scheduling
> I will suggest to use Condor-G which provides a meta 
> scheduling capability in assocaition with Globus.
> The second option can be to use Community Scheduling 
> Framework(CSF) from Platform Computing. CSF in combination 
> with Globus GRAM can be a viable Meta Scheduling approach.
> Best Regards
> Ashiq Anjum 
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> Subject: [Condor-users] Heterogeneous Meta scheduling
> Hi,
> We are in the process of designing a campus wide grid 
> spanning different departments. Where each department has their own
> scheduler(condor,pbs,SGE) running.  We have also decided
> on Globus to provide the grid infrastructure. We are bit 
> fuzzy on the meta scheduler or hierarchical scheduler which 
> will accept a job request from Globus and hand over to one of 
> the local schedulers. In brief below is the architecture on table.
> 				Globus
> 				  |
> 				  V
> 			Meta Scheduler (which Meta scheduler 
> can fit here)
> 				  |
> 				  V
> 	-----------------------------------------------------------
> 	|			  |				  |
> 	V			  V				  V
>         Condor			 SGE			
> 	 PBS
> Any suggestion is appreciated.
> Geri Foster