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Re: [Condor-users] Problem to submit example jobs

> I started with the example jobs, just to check if my condor was
> and it's not... or not really :
> If I "condor_submit" jobs as user "condor", everything if fine, but
when I
> try to submit jobs with my username, it just doesn't work :
> guiot@chagall:~/tmp/TestCondor$ condor_submit env.cmd
> Submitting job(s).
> Logging submit event(s).
> 1 job(s) submitted to cluster 40.
> WARNING: File /ibpc/chagall/guiot/tmp/TestCondor/env.out is not
> by condor.
> WARNING: File /ibpc/chagall/guiot/tmp/TestCondor/env.err is not
> by condor.
> guiot@chagall:~/tmp/TestCondor$

Condor wasn't started as root.  Some directory in your path above
probably doesn't have read permissions for user condor.  (To test this,
just become the 'condor' user and try to get to those files.)  To fix
this (assuming you can become root), kill the condor daemons, become
root, and start them up again.

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