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Re: [Condor-users] Specification of deferred job start

This works as expected. You can use strftime(...,...,"%s",...) for getting epoch time from a time struct. Thank you for the help.


Am 17.10.2005 um 19:14 schrieb Matt Hope:

On 10/17/05, Peter Troeger <peter.troeger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear list,

is it possible to have a deferred job start in Condor, either by
giving an explicit point in time or a relative amount of time ? I can
imagine a workaround with a sleep job and a DAG, but maybe there is a
more direct solution.

Submit on hold and use the periodic_release statement to ok it when CurrentTime is acceptable (this may involve working out what the time you want to go from is in unix epoch time but if you are on unix this will be easy enough and writing something to tell you on windows land shouldn't be too hard)


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