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Re: [Condor-users] Condor+Globus

Good morning to everybody again.
I've read all yours answers and I want to say thank you.
I want to buil a grid with two Condor clusters using Globus because it's for my degree thesis, because I want to build something very scalable, that could be enlarged also joining other type of structures, using the highly standardized architecture of Globus. So I think that install Globus over the two Central managers could be enough. Anyway I'm in trouble again. Could anyone suggests to me some good papers, that speak in general about various kind of grids, like a list of software (also commercial not only free)? I need it for the introduction of my thesis, I've serched over the web but I can't find anything good. Another question: I've found some papers in pdf and presentation that speaks about Condor as middleware. I know that Globus is grid middleware, and Condor is grid software; Globus is in the layer over Condor in the grid-stack. I have to clear my mind about these concepts, because I've to write it in my thesis, and I don't want to write wrong things. Have you got also some good papers about this argument? Thank you very much again, and sorry for my english, but today I've written a lot, and I'm very tired.