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Re: [Condor-users] Condor expects files to spool, even if I tell it not to?


> I fixed that typo, but I'm still seeing the same issue.  It seems
> almost as if it's somehow ignoring my instructions to not spool, and/
> or it's rewriting the executable name to be relative to a local
> path?  I just tried adding back the initialdir, and
> remote_inititaldir settings as well, but it didn't effect anything.

>From your previous e-mail, you say you are using:

condor_submit -verbose -pool schedd-host -r schedd-host hostname.submit


>From the condor_submit man page:

-remote schedd_name

   Submit to the specified schedd, spooling all required input files
   over the network connection. This option is equivalent to using
   both -name and -spool.

What you want to use is "-n", not "-r":

-name schedd_name

   Submit to the specified schedd. This option is used when you want
   to submit to a schedd other than the default local one.

You probably don't need -pool, the default should be your local pool.

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