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Re: [Condor-users] Condor View Help

I wrote a page:


of instructions when I deployed the CondorView for my Condor pool. Some

1. make sure you fully restart Condor so new configurations are applied.
2. check the pool history dir and files in it should not be empty
3. check error messages in the Condor collector log files of both main and
CondorView server hosts

Junwei Cao | Research Scientist | MIT-LIGO

On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 rnayar@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hello all I'm having a slight difficulty setting up the Condor view Module if
> anyone can help me out it would be great. So far here is my set up.
> I have two machines
> Manager - panndaa
> Node1 - gutti
> Since I only have two nodes and the Manager cannot be the Condor View server I
> decided to make gutti the Server and people will be able to view web stats from
> this node as well.
> I edited gutti's local config file and included the following:
> POOL_HISTORY_DIR =/home/condor/history
> VIEW_SERVER = /home/condor/condor/sbin/condor_collector
> Now gutti will have a collector daemon running in the background as well
> Next I edited the global config file that they both use and included the following:
> CONDOR_VIEW_HOST = gutti.nmsu.edu
> I then downloaded the module and unpacked it into gutti's /var/www/html directory
> Next I edited the make_stats file and adjusted the parameters as follows:
> ORGNAME="Meow Mix INC"
> CONDORADMIN="condor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
> POOL="gutti.nmsu.edu"
> VIEWDIR="/var/www/html/"
> STATSDIR="/home/condor/condor/bin"
> PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:$STATSDIR:/s/std/bin
> Now when I run the command ./make_stats setup it doesn't do anything. I've been
>  racking my brain at this for quite some time so if anyone sees what i did wrong
> please let me know thanks!
> Danny
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