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Re: [Condor-users] Condor feature suggestion: automatically compressed output files

> You've said your job writes to stdout -- if that's the case, wouldn't it
> be trivial to just add "|bzip2 >outfile.bz2"?  No intermediate storage,
> no NFS thrashing, no added code in an already complicated job control
> system... And I don't think this would even be platform-specific, as
> even Windows (IIRC) supports i/o redirection.
There are several problems with the solution you propose.

First, Condor does not allow including inline scripts or even just sequences 
of commands connected by a pipeline - you can write a script around your 
executable, but there are problems with that which I stated earlier (not to 
mention that it's somewhat ugly as it would give up on many of Condor's 

Second, Condor does have special handling for program's output and error files 
(and it actually does have gzip/gunzip functionality for input/output in some 
cases), so it's quite a natural extension for it.
> What am I missing?
> --michael
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