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[Condor-users] How to protect local disk against filliing

Hi all,

I have configured our Windows-clients to have a look at the local drive, on
which the condor-jobs are executed. I have set 

PREEMPT = ( ((Activity == "Suspended") && \
                ($(ActivityTimer) > $(MaxSuspendTime))) \
		 || (SUSPEND && (WANT_SUSPEND == False)) ) \
             || (Disk == 0)



I made this, because some users filled the local drives in the past with
their data, so that Windows didn't work any more and the computer had to be
restarted. With the setting above I solved the problem, because every job is
preempted, if the space on the local disk is smaller than 1GB.
But today I ran into a new problem. If a users writes a program, which
produces a lot of output on the screen, the Output-File grows very fast. I
made a test and found out, that the jobs are not preempted, even if the
space of the local drive is smaller than 1GB due to the size of the

Does anybody has an idea why there is a difference between these two kind of

Best regards,
Thomas Bauer