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Re: [Condor-users] Condor, Windows, Globus, Java

On Jun 10, 2006, at 4:59 AM, Afrasyab Bashir wrote:

[Jaime Frey]
> Most of the grid protocols have no special support for java. You'd have to specify the jvm as your executable. Condor-C is a notable exception.
My understanding is 
a) When we mention path to Java.exe in condor configure file then its the universe = java which is most important and that is why we don't mention java in executable. [Condor picks up java.exe from the path mentioned on the executing machine]
b) Executable file/s is/are transferred to the executing machine.
So when you say that 'You'd have to specify jvm as your executable'  [in case of grid universe] do you mean
a) java.exe (and files that it depends upon, if any) will be transferred to the executing machine ?

You can either tell Condor transfer the java jvm and all its dependencies to the executing machine (very error prone) or tell Condor to run a jvm that's already installed on the executing machine (much simpler, but requires that java be installed already and you know where it is).

b) I read somewhere that when condor is transferring files it uses its base64(?) coding that increases the sizes of file to 33%. If that's true then my question is does that hold true for the executable files as well or not?

That is untrue, and to my knowledge has never been true. Condor transfers the raw files as binary data.

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