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Re: [Condor-users] condor & RH4


as far as the swap space issue goes, should we specify RESERVED_SWAP = 0 as suggested in the error text in the log files, or is there some way to specify the actual amount of swap space available? Thanks,


On Mar 24, 2006, at 4:17 PM, Erik Paulson wrote:

On Fri, Mar 24, 2006 at 03:56:45PM -0800, Rok Roskar wrote:
We've recently upgraded to RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 and are now
experiencing some new problems with our Condor system. It seems that
Condor can't figure out on its own how much memory and swap space is
available on the upgraded machines. Example log files:

Nope, it can't. Condor 6.6 does not support the 2.6 kernel.

Upgrade to 6.7, or define what it's looking for in the config file.

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