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Re: [Condor-users] Simple DAGman problem


> I've made changes along the lines you suggest.  Unfortunately I now
> get the error:
> Checking all your submit files for a consistent log file name.
> This might take a while...
> ERROR: submit files use different log files (detected in: upload.)
> Both submit files have the same log file defined (the log file does
> not already exist on in the log files directory).  I include them and
> the DAGman file below:
> # ************************** GenData_R.dag **************************
> JOB Inspect4R 		InspectForR.sub
> JOB RunRJob			GenData_R.sub		# uses RPresent env variable, set by
> InspectForR post script, to select file to upload.
> SCRIPT POST Inspect4R 	Run_SetRPresent $RETURN
> PARENT Inspect4R		CHILD RunRJob

I'll bet your comment on the 'JOB RunRJob' line is getting things
confused -- comments need to begin at the beginning of a line.

Kent Wenger
Condor Team