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Re: [Condor-users] [Birdbath] Could you help me submitting a job, gracefully?

As you clarified my mistake with this version. I am again able to submit the jobs; However, as I said they never execute. I have waited 4 hours and there are 9 jobs. Condor is configured to always execute the jobs.

Has condor_q -analyze told you anything?

This is unrelated to your reported exception, but the executable for
a Java job should be java, e.g. d:\\bin\\java or wherever you keep
it, and the argument should be TestJob (as you have it).

hmm.. you replied otherwise last time. Anyway, I have tried both these ways many a times but the jobs do not execute and only remain idle. However, if i submit them on the command line then the do execute.

Looks like I was just wrong. I got your job to run by making java the executable, the main class's name the argument, and passing the class in as a file to transfer.