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Re: [Condor-users] Job attribute based preemption

>MaxJobRetirementTime is useful for controlling how long the existing job
>is allowed to run once it is preempted.  To control whether the existing
>job gets preempted or not, I would suggest using a combination of RANK
>and START expressions.  For example, the START expression can look at
>attributes of the existing job (published into the machine ClassAd via
>STARTD_JOB_EXPRS) to decide whether it is acceptable to preempt the
>existing job.

Is anybody running the Windows version of Condor able to to get
MaxJobRetirementTime to work?

I'm currently using User Priority ratings so that none of my users hog up
all of the nodes in our cluster, but this occasionally causes long jobs to
be vacated after running for a few days.  So, I thought of using
MaxJobRetirementTime so that jobs could run for 4 days before being vacated.

I added this to the "condor_config" file on all of the machines in the
cluster (including the master):


It doesn't seem to work though...jobs get vacated anyway when user
priorities change.  Is there something else I need to do to get this to




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