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[Condor-users] Submit files

OK guys, here is a question for the submit file / REQUIREMENTS statement

I have a mixed pool of WINNT51 and LINUX machines. My code will run on

I want to submit a cluster of 10 jobs which will either ALL run on
WINNT51 or
ALL run on LINUX since for reporting (and reproducibility) purposes I
need to be able
to spcify the platform the tests ran on.

I know how to specify:
* All jobs run on LINUX
* All jobs run on WINNT51
* Each job may run on either LINUX or WINNT51

Any ideas? I suspect either it can't currently be done simply (in which
case it'd make a
useful enhancement request), there is some simple trick I am missing, or
someone out
there has a more devious mind than me for these things.