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Re: [Condor-users] Core files

> Miskell, Craig wrote:
> > My LOG dir is an NFS mount on the compute nodes (back to a central
> > server, for ease of management).  I've double checked, and 
> there's no
> > core files in any of those directories; I wouldn't have 
> thought being an
> > NFS mount would stop core files being generated, but would 
> welcome any
> > suggestions to the contrary.  
> > 
> Hmmm....  if you have root squash activated on the nfs mount on the 
> volume with your LOG directory, that could be the culprit.
> Dropping a core file still requires proper permissions.  The 
> core file 
> is being written as user "root" by the startd since you started the 
> master as root -- but if root squash is on, then it won't have 
> permission (unless you are keeping your LOG directory with 
> world write 
> access!!).

Oh bugger.  Yes, of course root_squash is on.  Quite deliberately for
general security reasons; in fact, the system is so secure, it's not
working ;-)

Chocolate fish for you Todd; thanks for pointing out what should have
been fairly obvious.  I'll drop the root_squash for long enough to catch
some core files, unless there's some way to push the core files to some
other directory.

Thanks again,

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