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Re: [Condor-users] Core files

Miskell, Craig wrote:
Kewley, J (John) wrote:
Are you on Linux?

If so, you may have a "limit" for corefiles.

Try typing in "limit" and see what it says, it might be that.

If you are on unix/linux, and you indeed have
in condor_config, then you should get core files dropped into Condor's LOG directory. Note that CREATE_CORE_FILES will automagically set the limit for you as John suggests above, but only if you start the condor_master as root. IIRC, if you are starting the condor_master as a non-root, you may need to setup the limit beforehand since non-root users cannot push the limit past any predefined hard limit.
I'm running on linux (Centos 4), condor 6.8.6.  The bash builtin ulimit
reports "unlimited", and I've not configured any specific limits on the
nodes, besides which condor_master starts as root (then child processes
drop to the "condor" user).
My LOG dir is an NFS mount on the compute nodes (back to a central
server, for ease of management).  I've double checked, and there's no
core files in any of those directories; I wouldn't have thought being an
NFS mount would stop core files being generated, but would welcome any
suggestions to the contrary.

Hmmm.... if you have root squash activated on the nfs mount on the volume with your LOG directory, that could be the culprit.

Dropping a core file still requires proper permissions. The core file is being written as user "root" by the startd since you started the master as root -- but if root squash is on, then it won't have permission (unless you are keeping your LOG directory with world write access!!).