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Re: [Condor-users] Group issues

I am not an expert on group accounting in Condor, but my understanding is that you should be able to set +AccountGroup="<group>.<user>" in the submit file, assign the group a quota in your config file, and the result should be that each user within a group gets an independent priority and independent usage tracking, but the group as a whole will not be able to use more machines than you specified in the quota.

Horvátth Szabolcs wrote:
Just to add to the group accounting confusion (and trying to ping this unanswered topic) I get strange matchmaking behaviour when using group quotas: If I have two dagman jobs from the same user, one with both higher priority and machine rank preference the execution order of the jobs is strict: all higher
priority jobs run before the lower priority jobs are started.
But if I assign the jobs to a group than the execution order gets mingled, the two jobs get roughly equal share of processors.

Can it be a configuration issue? Is there anything I can check to get the same matchmaking logic as without groups, using quotas just to limit the processor usage of the jobs?

Using 6.9.3 by the way.


Horvátth Szabolcs wrote:

I'm using group quota to limit job count because of the available licenses we have for commercial softwares.
While this works nicely I have two problems that I'd like to solve somehow:

- If multiple users submit jobs using the same group the users' personal priorities are not considered for negotiation. I'd like to have fair share between users within a group too. Is it possible to do so?

- When a job is running as "part of a group" the users' information is not added to the condor_status -submitters data. Is there any way to get data about the actual users submitting the jobs using condor_status and condor_userprio?

Thanks for any pointers!


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