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Re: [Condor-users] installing condor on unix with a condor2 user

I have done a condor_restart, but I have still the same problem as I see this in the startLog
6/14 15:32:55 Using config source: /home/condor/condor_config
and I have the good uid and gid with bin/condor_config_val condor_ids as I have this 50146.10.

Perhaps I should better all erasing and all reinstalling with the modifications for condor_ids?


>>> Nick LeRoy <nleroy@xxxxxxxxxxx> 14/06/2007 15:01 >>>
On Thu June 14 2007 8:51 am, Sophie Prieur wrote:
> I have verify these 2 things and it still remains the same.


I'm not certain that a reconfig will be sufficient.  I haven't verified it in 
the code, but I'd do a full condor_restart.  I suspect that we only look at 
CONDOR_IDS as the daemons startup so the reconfig doesn't do what you want.

Also, just to be certain, run "condor_config_val condor_ids" to verify that 
you have the value in there that you thought.  It never hurts to check things 
one more time.  :)

Good luck,


> Sophie
> >>> "Kewley, J (John)" <j.kewley@xxxxxxxx> 14/06/2007 14:20 >>>
> 2 thoughts:
> 1. Check the contents of your condor_config.local, this is likely
>    to over-ride the values in condor_config.
> 2. Do condor_reconfig -full to restart all daemons on that machine

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