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Re: [Condor-users] [?????]

On 6/16/07, Daniel Forrest <forrest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Speaking of requests. If I was going to make one of my own it'd be
> that nothing in the default condor_status view columns be computed.
> That all the values shown be true ClassAd attributes. Formatted is
> okay (as in turning an integer into a D+HH:MM:SS string) but in the
> case of ActvtyTime it's the only value you can't access directly
> from the machine's ClassAd.

Using the Condor 6.8/6.9 ClassAd functions, you can get the exact
value that is printed in condor_status with:

-format '%s\n' 'interval(LastHeardFrom - EnteredCurrentActivity)'

I would guess that the latest 6.9.3 code would now use MyCurrentTime
rather than LastHeardFrom thus avoiding many of the [???] time