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[Condor-users] howto inject a classAd attribute?

I want to extend my machine's classAd with my own attribute, but I am not sure how to do this.
Do I understand well to do the following?
1) I put a statement like
WEIGHTED_RANK =  Mips/(LoadAvg + 0.3)
in my global condor.config file (or local condor_config.local file?)
2) make a:
condor_reconfig [-master]
3) make:
condor_status -l my_host
and should see WEIGHTED_RANK in the machine's classAd?

I tried it but it does not work like that? (unless I did something wrong)!
WD Klotz

Dr.W-D.Klotz - Europ. Synch. Rad. Facility (ESRF)
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