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Re: [Condor-users] How to install Condor in an Oscar Cluster?

Hi Steve,

There is actually a local disk, about 6G, but only the root has access to
it, ordinary users practically don't have local disk on the slave nodes.
How I might configure this?

...Well, i'll try to ask our administrator if he can partition some for
the ordinary users. If I can do this, how can I possibly configure the
cluster also to use Condor?


> Hi Leo,
> Leo Cristobal C. Ambolode II wrote:
>> Hello guys,
>> It's been more than a month now, still no one answered my question yet.
>> The cluster I'm talking below is kind of a Beowulf cluster and I want
>> this
>> cluster to use Condor. Is it possible or not?
>> I have a Condor pool set-up outside the Beowulf cluster, only the master
>> node of the Beowulf cluster can communicate the Condor pool. And I want
>> the Beowulf cluster to be included in the Condor pool. Is this possible?
> Do the machines have any local disk at all? If so, it should be quite
> possible (if a little tedious) to get the correct set up on your machines.
> If not, it gets a little trickier, but is still doable. Fortunately, your
> cluster is of a fairly small size, so it shouldn't be too terrible no
> matter
> how you're configured.
> Best,
> ---Steve
> --
> Steve Barnet
> UW-IceCube
> barnet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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