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Re: [Condor-users] Setting Condor Job Owner in Windows

Diane wrote:
Hi Todd,

Your idea sounded great! However, I tried it without success (the job still
starts as SYSTEM even thought the condor.submit file say +Owner = "diane",
and I had reconfigured condor to disable Queue access checks).  The job
never gets into the queue and returns with condor.error:

ERROR: No credential stored for SYSTEM@NT AUTHORITY

	Correct this by running:
	condor_store_cred add

In hopes of figuring this out, I have included here the relevant parts of
the condor logs (in particular SchedLog showing queue access checks
disabled), and my condor.submit file.
If you have any insights that would be great.

Ok, the formula in my previous post tells you how to setup Condor so User A (in your case, SYSTEM) can submit a job as User B (diane).

What I failed to say is how to disable the (normally helpful) check that condor_submit makes to be certain a password is stored for the user running condor_submit. After all, you don't care that SYSTEM does not have a password stored since the job will run as diane ... but condor_submit isn't smart enough to know that.

However, if you use the "-n <schedd-name>" argument to condor_submit, it will not do this "see if a password is stored" check. So to get it to work, try

  condor_submit -n winxp-dev-01 Condor.submit

Another idea that may be even easier:  As user "SYSTEM", run
  condor_store_cred add
and just give it a bogus password. Condor won't ever use it, but condor_submit will be happy when it looks to see that one is stored.
If you don't know how to open up a command window as user SYSTEM, see
which gives one way to do it (personally, i made a service that does it).

Good Luck!  Let me know how it goes...

If it helps, below is a screenshot of a successful test I did:



C:\temp\test>condor_submit -n tannenbaum-t23 test.sub
Submitting job(s).
1 job(s) submitted to cluster 37.


-- Submitter: tannenbaum-t23 : <> : tannenbaum-t23
  37.0   diane          10/4  15:41   0+00:00:00 H  0   9.8  test.sub

1 jobs; 0 idle, 0 running, 1 held

C:\temp\test>type test.sub
executable = test.sub
hold = true
+Owner = "diane"
universe = vanilla

Todd Tannenbaum                       University of Wisconsin-Madison
Condor Project Research               Department of Computer Sciences
tannenba@xxxxxxxxxxx                  1210 W. Dayton St. Rm #4257