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Re: [Condor-users] Quill vs. Quill++

> As I understand it, there is "Quill" and there's "Quill++" which  
> talks to all condor daemons and not just schedd. What is the status  
> of Quill++, and where would one find it.

As I understand it the next generation of Quill (is it still being
called Quill++?) is a 6.9.x project right now. The daemon is the same in
both cases (condor_quill). You just use configuration variables to take
it from logging the schedd queues to logging everything in the system.
> Also, Quill is included in v6.8.6 and v6.9.4. What is the difference  
> in codebase there as far as Quill is concerned?

See above.

- Ian

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