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Re: [Condor-users] condor-reuse-vm2 Job Owner in Windows

With your existing CREDD configuration will the a single process (which spawns
no child processes) run as 'diane' or is it only the child process that gets run
with the incorrect id?  That is, are you able to have you job be run on execute
machines as 'diane' (not just getting a condor_q listing saying that the owner
is 'diane')?  


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Hi Ian,

Thanks for the info sites.  They were very helpful.

However, I'm still unable to get the secondary processes that 
are started by a job in the condor queue running as owner 'diane',
to also run as user 'diane'.  

When I make changes to the condor configuration,
as described in the documentation (I think), restart condor, 
and then submit the job, the job now hangs 
in the queue (and doesn't even get started).

Maybe you can see what I'm doing wrong.

I tried setting the following in condor_config:


And put the following into my condor.submit file:

	+Owner = "diane"
      run_as_owner = True

But the job hangs in the queue.
Note that when I remove the 'run_as_owner' and '+Owner' statements,
and resubmit, the job starts and runs to completion (although it's sub
run as 'condor-reuse-vm2', which I'm trying to avoid).

Any help would be appreciated.

The condor logs for the job that hangs indicate the following: