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Re: [Condor-users] Network drive letter under Windows XP

Ian, thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately I am not sure if this is actually the problem. The error mesaage already comes up when I try to submit the job, i.e. before the jobs are actually submitted to the cluster. The situation is like this: 
The samba server also acts as PDC in the pool. I log on the windows machine with a windows domain account hosted by the samba server. All files needed for the job are placed in the folder on the network drive, including the job description file. The job description file contains the lines "should_transfer_files = YES" and "when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT". I open a command window (cmd), cd to the folder containing all files and type "condor_submit Job.txt". Then the error message occurs.

Thus, as the error message comes up when I try to submit the job, not when the job is actually executed, I don't think it has to do with the account under which the job should be executed in the executing machine.

Please coreect me if I am mistaken!

Best regards


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> I am using condor under Windows XP. My files including the 
> job descrition files are placed on a samba share that is 
> mapped to a drive letter (S:). When I try to submit the job I 
> get an error message: 
> Submitting job(s)
> ERROR: Unable to get name of user associated with
> the following network path (err=2250):
> S:\wolfgang\MultiRate\40G_ODB_10G_NRZ\7x40G_ODB
> I found a similar post ("[condor-users] network-drives under 
> Windows 2000"), and i checked the things mentioned there:
> - net use shows the mapped drive letter
> - dir works in this directory
> Unfortunately there is no further explanation given. So 
> perhaps someone can help me?

Under what account are your jobs being run? The local condor-reuse-vmX
account, a fixed domain account or as the submitting user (via a
condor_credd daemon setup)? It looks like Samba is trying to match the
user account for the job against the user account for the file owner and
there's no mapping because it's a local account.

If you're using the condor-reuse-vmX accounts you can use a Samba passwd
file to map them to user accounts like nobody or guest on the Samba
server. Or you can tell Condor to run the jobs using accounts that are
in the domain or Samba passwd file already. Check back to Friday's
emails on the list. I had a conversation about how to set this up.

- Ian

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