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Re: [Condor-users] Network drive letter under Windows XP

Try using the full UNC path, e.g. my s: drive is mapped to a server called Cyclone and a folder \work

So \\Cyclone\work\neil\Condor\ would be instead of s:\neil\Condor

The other way is to try "net use" to create the drive mapping

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Hi there,

I am using condor under Windows XP. My files including the job descrition files are placed on a samba share that is mapped to a drive letter (S:). When I try to submit the job I get an error message: 

Submitting job(s)
ERROR: Unable to get name of user associated with the following network path (err=2250):

I found a similar post ("[condor-users] network-drives under Windows 2000"), and i checked the things mentioned there:
- net use shows the mapped drive letter
- dir works in this directory

Unfortunately there is no further explanation given. So perhaps someone can help me?

Condor version: 6.8.5 May 17 March 2007

Thanks a lot!


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