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Re: [Condor-users] Network drive letter under Windows XP

I've been wrestling with this same problem, only with a CIFS share from a NetApp filer.  What I've determined so far:

1)  The job description file itself can (in my case) be on the network share, so long as you run condor_submit <job sub file> from a local drive (meaning your current working directory is local) things work ok.  So you may try:

C:\> condor_submit S:\wolfgang\MultiRate\40G_ODB_10G_NRZ\7x40G_ODB\submitfil

2) If any of the attributes in the job description file point to the network share, you see the same issue (i.e. log = S:\logfile.log, or output = S:\output.log).  You'll notice in these cases that the path the error references changes (indicating the job description file was actually read), assuming #1 above worked for you.

I've been able to reproduce this using all our filer configurations.  Using a normal Windows CIFS share created by sharing out a directory doesn't seem to cause the same problem.

My suspicion is that it's related to the condor daemons running as SYSTEM\nt authority, and not having sufficient network privileges (having none) to determine any info from an authenticated network share.  I'm not an expert however, so I'll be watching this thread for any new info.


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Hi there,

I am using condor under Windows XP. My files including the job descrition files are placed on a samba share that is mapped to a drive letter (S:). When I try to submit the job I get an error message: 

Submitting job(s)
ERROR: Unable to get name of user associated with
the following network path (err=2250):

I found a similar post ("[condor-users] network-drives under Windows 2000"), and i checked the things mentioned there:
- net use shows the mapped drive letter
- dir works in this directory

Unfortunately there is no further explanation given. So perhaps someone can help me?

Condor version: 6.8.5 May 17 March 2007

Thanks a lot!


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