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Re: [Condor-users] KeyBoard Idle Time infinite

Preston Smith wrote:
Steve Wilson in Biology here at Purdue came up with a neat trick.:

"I wrote a short program (condor_usb_fix) to monitor USB activity (/ dev/input/mice, in my case) and then update the access time on another file ( I use /dev/condor_mouse). I changed Condor's configuration to include this new "device file" (condor_mouse):
CONSOLE_DEVICES = mouse, console, condor_mouse
Then I added lines to start and stop my daemon from the Condor init script."

The code snip is at

I don't use it personally (don't run any the desktop Condor systems) but Steve does, and this seems to do the trick in his environment.

Love it. Only downside is it needs root access. I'll see if I can incorporate this idea into future releases....

Anybody else have solutions?

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