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Re: [Condor-users] KeyBoard Idle Time infinite

David McBride wrote:
Todd Tannenbaum wrote:

Anybody else have solutions?


I've found a way that only requires Condor configuration, at least on our
Ubuntu-based Linux desktops.  By doing a quick brute-force search of all of the
/dev nodes on a test X desktop, I discovered that the atime of the /dev/ttyN
node that is running the X session is updated when keypress / keyrelease events

So all I've needed to do is add the first 10 or so of the /dev/ttyN device nodes
to the CONDOR_DEVICES configuration pragma -- which, here, currently looks like

	CONSOLE_DEVICES = mouse, console, psaux, input/mice, tty0, tty1, tty2,
		tty3, tty4, tty5, tty6, tty7, tty8, tty9

This has proven very effective in practice; we've been running Condor on Ubuntu
in this way without special kernel patches for a good few months now.


This appears to work on Fedora 8 as well. It also appears that ttyN corresponds to the Nth virtual terminal (shock), think ctrl+shift+f7 or fN in this case. So you should probably go all the way up to tty13, and you're likely to only need tty7.