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[Condor-users] Starter problem: how to add another PC to my PC condor group

Dear Condor users,

Could you please drop me a line for a starter problem ?

I installed condor to my desktop PC running window OS, and tested a pi run with condor_submit successfully. Now, I wish to test the same run to my colleague's PC using condor_submit on my PC, but the condor_status on my PC shows only my PC is available. Do I need to install condor using the *msi file on each additional PC that I wish to use and, if yes, do I need to choose different settings from those used for my PC ?

Thanks in advance,
Paul :)

*Paul Livingstone*
(aka: Jinyou Liang, Ph.D)
Staff Air Pollution Specialist
California Air Resources Board
Sacramento, CA 95814, USA*
*Phone: 1-916-327-8543*