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Re: [Condor-users] Starter problem: how to add another PC to my PC condor group

You don't necessarily need to use the MSI to install Condor on your colleague's
machine: you can simply copy the contents of the Condor directory on your
machine to their machine.  Then you or your colleague will also need to make a
change to the registry.  The value of CONDOR_CONFIG under HKLM\Software\Condor
must point to the location on the new machine where Condor was copied too.
Finally, you must add and start the Condor service.  See section
(Unattended Installation Procedure using the included Set Up Program) for more


You will also need to make sure that the new configuration looks to your machine
as the Central Manager (or vice versa).  You may also want to tweak the
configuration so that only the necessary process are running on each machine. 

If you are looking at distributing Condor to more than two or three machines,
then doing it by hand is may not the most effective way of doing it.  If you
search the archives of this list for the last week or so, you'll find some
advice on how to distribute/manage Condor on a large Windows Pool.


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Dear Condor users,

Could you please drop me a line for a starter problem ?

I installed condor to my desktop PC running window OS, and tested a pi 
run with condor_submit successfully.
Now, I wish to test the same run to my colleague's PC using 
condor_submit on my PC, but the condor_status on my PC shows only my PC 
is available.  Do I need to install condor using the *msi file on each 
additional PC that I wish to use and, if yes, do I need to choose 
different settings from those used for my PC ?

Thanks in advance,
Paul :)

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