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Re: [Condor-users] Machine Classads in Jobs info (spool/history file)

To insert an attribute named X from the machine ClassAd into the job ClassAd, you can put the following in the job submit file:

+MachineX = "$$([X])"

In the job history ClassAd, this will be stored in the job Ad as MATCH_EXP_MachineX = "whatever".

Or if you want this to happen for all jobs, without having to insert that into the submit file, put this in your configuration:

MachineX = "$$([X])"


Daniel Tardón wrote:

i'd like to know how can i get in the jobs info, that is written in the
spool/history file, the classads that i have added to each machine

For example:

I hava myClassAdd = myValue in a condor_config.local in a machine. Now i
want to see that classad and its value in the history file for each job
that this machine runs.

Sorry my english.