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Re: [Condor-users] Condor-G and GT4 Communication

> On Jun 9, 2008, at 8:40 AM, txcom2003@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Here i attach this mail with a block diagram about communication
>> between
>> Condor-G and Globus Toolkit 4 since there isn't documentation about
>> how
>> Condor-G interact with GT 4 in Condor Manual. Let me know if there's
>> something wrong. Thanks
> Your diagram looks good. The one small comment I'll make is that the
> gridmanager doesn't transfer any files to/from the gridftp server
> underneath it. It just spawns it.
> Thanks and regards,
> Jaime Frey
> UW-Madison Condor Team

Thank's for the comment. I really appreciate it.
I have a question about RFT and GridFTP that's in my diagram.
1. Does Condor-G has it own GridFTP server or it's just a client ?
2. Does Condor-G also use RFT to control file Transfer between Condor-G
and Globus 4 ? May be I need more explanation about this.