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Re: [Condor-users] Condor, Vanilla, can not link to the library successfully


Yang Kaiyu <kaiyu_yang@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>    The current problem is like this
>    I found from web that it is might possible that the libraries are
>    compiled with g77, but i am using ifort, or gfortran, so there are some
>    conflict resulted from. so I add -lg2c to it, these errors "underfined
>    reference to xxxx" disappear, but i get one new error
>    "multiple definition of 'xerbla_' "
>    /usr/lib/liblapack.a(xerbla.o):(.text+0x0): first defined here
>    ld: Warning: size of symbol `xerbla_' changed from 97 in
>    /usr/lib/liblapack.a(xerbla.o) to 57 in /usr/lib/libblas.a(xerbla.o)
>    Is there anyone having some idea about it?

Sorry, can't help with that one.

>    Dear Roger,
>    thanks for your quick reply.
>    so did you solve the problem by adding the other posssible
>    libraries?

Yes, it did.

>    I am sure that all the subroutines in the error report are included.

Then I am stuck.  Perhaps if you send the actual output someone else
may be able to diagnose the problem.

Good luck,