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Re: [Condor-users] Executable path and environment

Todd Tannenbaum wrote:
Ian Chesal wrote:
Interesting. I just tried it here with 7.0.1 and yea, PATH is *not*
exported from my environment. I see the PATH that's defined in the
starter job environment config setting.

Condor team: is this a bug???

Well, here is what we tested for ya: over here everything works w/ setting the path in the job correctly via getenv=true with Condor v7.0.1 on Linux, Condor v7.0.2 on Win32, Condor v7.1.0 on Linux.

Also, we thought perhaps the problem was w/ STARTER_JOB_ENVIRONMENT. The documentation says if both condor_config defines a STARTER_JOB_ENVIRONMENT and so does the job, the job's environment should override STARTER_JOB_ENVIRONMENT. But in our tests w/ Condor v7.1.x (the trunk) on Linux, this mechanisms also works as advertised. I guess it is possible that a bug relating to this area of the code was fixed between v7.0.1 and v7.1.0, but that doesn't seem likely looking at the version history.

Any other ideas? Ian C, in your testing, when you do "getenv=true" do you see your environment in the job classad via "condor_q -l" ? Is there anything slightly out of the ordinary in your environment such as a newline perhaps? [just a random guess] Something is different about your environment and the ones we were playing with here...