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[Condor-users] startd segfault and better analyze

With 2 seconds more thought, it should have been obvious that I needed the static library version. I downloaded and installed the x86_64 RHEL3 version (static) to run on my CentOS5 system and it "worked".
I opted for the dynamic library tar.gz file. I'll try again with the (presumably static) library, but it is 230 MB so will take a bit to download.
The problem is that StartD is still seg-faulting on me continuously, and -better-analyze doesn't give any more information:

     4 match but reject the job for unknown reasons

Probably this is just because StartD seg-faults when it tries to match the job.

[half a day later]

OK, I've re-installed and reconfigured Condor and it seems the startd seg fault has gone away. At the moment, things seem to be running hunky dory. I hope it stays that way!


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